- CommsChampion Ecosystem

The CommsChampion Ecosystem contains multiple components, each one is licensed separately:

Component License Details
COMMS Library MPL-2.0 The core component of the ecosystem, can be used in any closed source project as long as any modifications to the library itself remain open source.
CommsChampion Tools GPLv3 The tools use open source Qt5 which require compatible license. The tools are expected to be used on the development PC to debug / visualize the protocol and are not part of any end product.
CommsDSL Specification cc-by-nd The specification text is provided under Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License
commsdsl Apache-2.0 Library for parsing CommsDSL schema files and code generation tools.

The code generated by the commsdsl tools has no license, the vendor is free to pick any as long as it’s compatible with the license of the project it depends on listed above.

In case any of the default license specified above is not good enough for your needs please feel free to inquire about any custom license you might need.